Vee The Hippy (Veronica Jones) is a 27 year old native of San Diego CA whose second home to heart is Charleston, SC. As a little girl, she always visualized her world in technicolor, which continues to inspire her to expand her eclectic style of art from Afro-Asian fueled themes, jewelry, photography and more. If she could describe her style of art, she would say, "if I could describe my art...it's hard to explain...I incorporate my everyday life in it. That is how I visualize my art..everything from my relationship with life. From my son, my everyday, past relationships, lol. They know who they are. I am a lover. I am very passionate."
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"Close mouth don't get fed". Hippy Cocaine is a native from Alabama who followed the trip pie road to Charleston SC in 2014. " I was actually in school for cosmetology and somethings didn't work to well.. Lol long story. Seeing the lack of consistency of art and music. I became the mayor." Hippie would describe his style of music "feelings...emotions and fun". 
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